Thursday, October 20, 2016

Favorite Music

        Although almost everyone I know tends to have a favorite genre of music or song that they listen to on a regular basis, I for one do not listen to music often at all. Many people are told to put their headphones away in class, while I do not even own a pair. On the bus for away games during soccer season everyone tends to have music on, while I just relax. Of course, if the people of my surroundings are playing music out loud, I will not reject it or ask for them to turn it off. However, when I am by myself it is not something I take part in. I know, this may be alarming to some people, but I sort of have a decent reasoning for it. I can not think well when it is loud or noise is going on, so music can be a very big distraction as to what I am trying to do. I am usually focused on something and listening to music takes that focus away. If I had to choose a song I liked, I would choose any song with a uplifting beat in the background as this "type" is the most appealing to me. I am however very open to new things, and will try out certain music if asked to do so.

      When I was younger I did play the piano. Although, that is my only experience with a musical instrument. Now, after years of not touching piano keys, it would be hard to even guess that I had once played the piano. I stopped playing the piano because I felt like other instruments were way cooler to play. At this point in my life I regret that descision while imagining how talented I could have been if I had stuck with it. I am sure many music lovers will be amazed that I do not listen to music after reading this blog post. If you are someone who loves music and has a particular song you feel would change my perspective on music leave the name or a link below and I will listen and reply how I feel on it!

(Sadly, I do not have an image of me playing the piano.)
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Reflection on Place and Culture

      There are many things I love about my hometown and my culture. I am extremely content to have such a small community where everyone knows everyone. I do not have to worry about getting a friend in one of my classes as you could be at a big high school, because due to a small community I have multiple friends in each class. Being a athlete I am very proud of my cities support towards local athletes. Doesn't matter the sport, Soccer, Basketball, Football, or Track and Field there is always local parents and students of Fortuna High there cheering on our local athletes. Our local scenery is another thing I appreciate. The Redwood Forest is within a walkable distance from our school and is a very comforting place to be. There are tons of rivers to go swimming in which adds something to consume my time with friends and have a great time with family. There are beautiful beaches although the water is too cold for swimming. Many times when I go to the river due to small community I see many people I know from school. Local events connect the members of our community in a effective way and is something I love about my place and culture. Events such as,the local carnivals, local rodeo, parades, and fireworks on the 4th of July are just a few things of Fortuna's culture that I appreciate. Some of these things have been going on since my parents were kids, and even my grandparents were kids. Although most people of my area say they dislike our weather, I love the weather in my area as I can not tolerate any kind of heat. Humboldt County, is the perfect temperature for me and I appreciate this weather.

      Despite all the things I love about my culture and my hometown there are some things I do not appreciate or would like to change. Due to a small number of people and ultimately consumers in small town Fortuna their is a very limited choice when it comes to shopping. I am grateful to have stores, however our local mall is almost empty and many stores are going out of business. We do not have your typical popular stores local for our community. Something I dislike about the culture of my family at least is that due to the large amount of things to do we often eat takeout and we only eat together as a family on special occasion. One negative effect to everyone knowing everyone is eventually some people will get tired of others and there will be a confliction or a argument, but it is always resolved and the good by far outweighs the bad. I also do not like how we are all assumed as "pot growers" due to the area we live in. Many people assume that because we live in Humboldt County we grow Marijuana or smoke it which is not the case. Just from the place I live, people already often make a poor judgment of me. Humboldt County was even mentioned in a popular show American Dad and I do not like to be categorized by the place I live, rather than my actions. Also people of the United States are often so consumed by technology that we lack communication which shows at school at times. Many of these things I would love to change about my beautiful hometown or nation. However, I love Fortuna for what it is, and the good of my hometown by far outweighs the bad. I am extremely grateful to live and grow up where I do now. My appreciation for my town and culture shows when I write about what I like effortlessly, but then when writing about what I would like to change it takes me much more time and critical thinking.

(Me along with other Science classmates doing an assignment in the great Redwood Forest)

About Me

Hey, I am Kevin Noel and I attend Fortuna Highschool. I am a tall individual with red hair. I grew up and am still growing up in Hydesville, California along with both of my parents and four siblings besides me. Unlike my siblings, I have always loved playing sports. I grew up playing on the traveling team for soccer and I now play for Fortuna High School's soccer team. I also take part in Basketball which I had played for one of my old schools since the third grade. Sports are a big part of my life and consume a large amount of my time. My favorite things to do include, hanging out with my friends, playing PlayStation 4 with or without my friends, and of course playing sports. I take my education serious which happens to be one of the only things I do take serious. All seriousness aside I like to joke around; if I am serious for too long it almost begins to stress me out, which is why I resort to being jokeful. Life is more fun when I am joking around with some of my friends. My seriousness shows when my favorite shows are cartoons, such as American Dad and Spongebob. Music is not really my thing as I will listen to music at times, but it is in no way an everyday factor of my life. I try to not  make assumptions, but I can't help but try to guess what kinds of things you guys are into. I am  excited for this blogging experience and I am thrilled to see what kinds of things you guys have in common with me, and our class. If anything I wrote seems to strike you feel free to leave a comment, maybe we have more in common than we both imagined. The below picture is of me along with two others from our class. Will and Jackson, at a U12 soccer tournament years ago. (Jackson left, Will middle, and me right. from my Instagram kevinmnoel)