Saturday, September 17, 2016

About Me

Hey, I am Kevin Noel and I attend Fortuna Highschool. I am a tall individual with red hair. I grew up and am still growing up in Hydesville, California along with both of my parents and four siblings besides me. Unlike my siblings, I have always loved playing sports. I grew up playing on the traveling team for soccer and I now play for Fortuna High School's soccer team. I also take part in Basketball which I had played for one of my old schools since the third grade. Sports are a big part of my life and consume a large amount of my time. My favorite things to do include, hanging out with my friends, playing PlayStation 4 with or without my friends, and of course playing sports. I take my education serious which happens to be one of the only things I do take serious. All seriousness aside I like to joke around; if I am serious for too long it almost begins to stress me out, which is why I resort to being jokeful. Life is more fun when I am joking around with some of my friends. My seriousness shows when my favorite shows are cartoons, such as American Dad and Spongebob. Music is not really my thing as I will listen to music at times, but it is in no way an everyday factor of my life. I try to not  make assumptions, but I can't help but try to guess what kinds of things you guys are into. I am  excited for this blogging experience and I am thrilled to see what kinds of things you guys have in common with me, and our class. If anything I wrote seems to strike you feel free to leave a comment, maybe we have more in common than we both imagined. The below picture is of me along with two others from our class. Will and Jackson, at a U12 soccer tournament years ago. (Jackson left, Will middle, and me right. from my Instagram kevinmnoel)

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