Thursday, October 20, 2016

Favorite Music

        Although almost everyone I know tends to have a favorite genre of music or song that they listen to on a regular basis, I for one do not listen to music often at all. Many people are told to put their headphones away in class, while I do not even own a pair. On the bus for away games during soccer season everyone tends to have music on, while I just relax. Of course, if the people of my surroundings are playing music out loud, I will not reject it or ask for them to turn it off. However, when I am by myself it is not something I take part in. I know, this may be alarming to some people, but I sort of have a decent reasoning for it. I can not think well when it is loud or noise is going on, so music can be a very big distraction as to what I am trying to do. I am usually focused on something and listening to music takes that focus away. If I had to choose a song I liked, I would choose any song with a uplifting beat in the background as this "type" is the most appealing to me. I am however very open to new things, and will try out certain music if asked to do so.

      When I was younger I did play the piano. Although, that is my only experience with a musical instrument. Now, after years of not touching piano keys, it would be hard to even guess that I had once played the piano. I stopped playing the piano because I felt like other instruments were way cooler to play. At this point in my life I regret that descision while imagining how talented I could have been if I had stuck with it. I am sure many music lovers will be amazed that I do not listen to music after reading this blog post. If you are someone who loves music and has a particular song you feel would change my perspective on music leave the name or a link below and I will listen and reply how I feel on it!

(Sadly, I do not have an image of me playing the piano.)
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