Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite Series

       The only series I have ever finished is Prison Break. Three weeks of my life outside of school, was fully consumed by this show; I watched from 6 o'clock until I went to sleep each day. Because of this, I have not even allowed myself to start a series since the eighth grade.

         The story line is phenomenal. Without spoiling anything, It starts out with a character being falsely convicted and sentenced to death. This character's brother knew that his brother had been framed and placed a tattoo on his body matching the exact blueprint of the prison. He then purposefully put himself in that same prison in an effort to help his falsely accused brother escape, hoping to save his life. Of course, local inmates, guards, and more get in the way of the escape plan.  

         The plot is suitable for many different interests. Although it is hard to believe, there is also a love component in the story. However, the series is ideal for someone who likes thrillers. The series is not ideal for someone who finds it hard to watch violence or gore. One character who is particularly creepy and uncomfortable, only adding to his background, could say and do many things that people could and do find hard to watch. 

        If my experience is not enough for you to leave behind all your responsibilities, keep in mind that Prison Break is coming out with a new season due to such high demand. With the "ending" that happened, I am extremely curious as to how they are planning to start back up. It better be more heartwarming than the last one, which made me cry. I have the trailer for prison break (fan made) season one linked below. 


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  1. Hello Kevin , I really admire your pation of watching that serie , but personaly i prefer movie , because i have waiting épisodes to come out or continuing watching a lot of épisodes just to know what happened to a personage , and also i prefer movies because you can epect the end just fromthe begining.